Sales Resources

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Ostra Extend

Ostra Extend for Business

NEW! Leverage this sell sheet to show clients how Ostra ExtendTM will expand their capacity.

Introduction Email Templates

Referral Partners: Use these 1:1 email templates to introduce Ostra to your potential referral clients.
Ostra Overview

Ostra Overview

A summary of Ostra’s unique approach and core service areas.
Battle card

Battle Card

Features elevator pitch, key features & benefits, talking points, tips to overcoming objections, and answers to FAQs.
Sales Qualification Guide

Partner Sales Qualification Guide

Use this guide to help you understand what’s driving a prospects interest to set up a call with yourself and Ostra Cybersecurity.

Cyber Statistics Flyer

Use with customers and prospects to communicate the risks of not taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity.
Technology Scorecard

Technology Scorecard

This checklist helps compare your prospect’s current solution with Ostra’s service deliverables.